11/24 Monday Motivation

This is probably my favorite week of the year.  It is not a coincidence that it coincides with a week that has a giant feast in the middle of the week.  But, in all seriousness Thanksgiving week is really a good week jto do two things that will help make it the best week of the year.

The Number One reason it is a great week is because it is an awesome opportunity to take a well needed and deserved pause to our daily grind.  During the holiday take some time to breath and relax.  It is ok to take time to recovery and relax from time to time and it is an important part of life to do so.   It is equally as important if not more important than working your ass off week after week.

The Number Two reason is that it is an opportunity to sit back and realize how good you have it.  Too much time and energy is focused on worrying about what you don’t have or all the things that are wrong that are happening to you. Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to flip the script on that way of thinking.  Focus this week on what you have and all the things that are happening that give you all the good things.  I guarantee it will lead to putting you in a good mood and you will have a great week.

I know it sounds cliche and corny.  But, guess what it works.  So, take some time this week to #1 relax and recover.  It is ok at take a pause to your daily grind and this is a perfect week to do it.  #2 is to be thankful for all you have and all the good that is happening.  Do these two things and I bet you when you return to your regular routine on December 1st you will be renewed and carry a new sense of motivation going into the last month of the year.