Monday Motivation 12/1/14

“You can achieve only that which you will do.” -George S. Halas

This is one of my favorite quotes of all time. It is short and sweet.

I see it all the time in myself and in the clients I work with where you have great goals and aspirations. But, when it comes down to doing the work it is a struggle to make it happen.

For example in my weightlifting I have set the lofty goal of qualifying for the Masters World Championships (aka the “old man” world championships) in weightlifting. Today I am 34 kg away from qualifying which is roughly 75 lbs. In order to achieve this goal it is going to take a lot of time and effort both in the gym and out. It will take sacrifice both physically and financially. I will have to eat right, train right, stay healthy, save money for travel to qualifying meets and budget the time to train and compete. If I am unwilling to make any of those sacrifices I won’t achieve my goal. Now, I can make the sacrifices and still not reach my goal. But, that is another story for another day.

Whether your goal is to get stronger, lose weight, get better at sports, etc. it won’t matter if you are not willing to make the sacrifices it will take to achieve the goal you set. “You can achieve ONLY that which you will do.” So, if you want to lose weight you had better dial in your nutrition. If you want to get stronger you had better work hard to perfect your training technique and not be afraid of pushing outside your comfort zone. If you want to get better at sports you have to be willing to train when others are not.

Remember setting goals is easy, doing the work to attain them isn’t. As always our staff at Athletes Equation is here to help you reach your goals. Feel free to email me back and let me know what your goals are or if you need help setting a specific goal.